Curriculum Vitae (PDF)


M.S. Geography Oregon State University

Sep 2012 - June 2015 Thesis: Automation and Evaluation of Graduated Dot Maps

B.S. Geography Frostburg State University

Aug 2007 - Dec 2011 Concentration: Mapping Science

Teaching Experience

Undergraduate GIS Faculty Social Science Department, Southwest Oregon Community College

Geo 265: Introduction to Geographic Information Systems

Graduate Teaching Assistant College of Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Sciences, Oregon State University

Geo 102: The Surface of the Earth (eCampus)
Geo 565: Geographic Information Systems (eCampus)
Geo 365: Introduction to GIS (eCampus)
Geo 300: Sustainability for the Common Good (eCampus)
Geo 599: Web Mapping
Geo 545: Computer Assisted Cartography
Geo 360: Introduction to Cartography

Undergraduate Teaching Assistant Department of Geography, Frostburg State University

Geo 317: Fundamentals of Cartography

Research Experience

Research Assistant, LEEMA College of Forestry, Forest Ecosystems and Society, Oregon State University

Aug 2013 - Dec 2013 Design and build a web map that provides functionality to distribute raster datasets and in-browser statistical data. Raster data is designed and styled in Tilemill using CartoCSS and is served to Leaflet as MBTiles.

Research Assistant, Appalachian Laboratory Center for Environmental Science, University of Maryland

Oct 2011 - Jan 2012 Acquire an process biogeographic datasets and develop publication quality map productions.

Awards & Funding

Ivan Diehl Scholarship in Geography Frostburg State University

Dean's List (four semesters) Frostburg State University

Graduate Teaching Assistantship Oregon State University

Gray Family Fund Travel Grant Oregon State University

Third Place, Regional Mobility Corridor Atlas v2, Oregon Metro Esri User Conference, 2015



Arnold N. (2015). “Automation and Evaluation of Graduated Dot Maps”. Slide Presentation, Master's Thesis Defense, June 15, Corvallis, OR.

Arnold N., Darbyshire J., Schuetz S., Heitmeyer L., Marston B., Preppernau C., & Jenny B. (2013). “Atlas of the Columbia River Basin – Interactive Atlases for iPads”. Multimedia Presentation, Portland Cartography Symposium, November 8, Portland, OR.

Arnold N. (2013). “Graduated Dot Maps: An Automated Approach To Dot Map Symbolization”. Slide Presentation, Student-Series Seminar, November 1, Corvallis, OR.

Arnold N. (2013). “Graduated Dot Maps: An Automated Approach To Dot Map Symbolization”. Slide Presentation, Geography Day Symposium, May 10, Corvallis, OR.

Published/Displayed Maps

2013. “Documents Reveal Army Corps’ Earlier Concerns About Coal Trains And Wetlands.” Earthfix – Oregon Public Broadcasting [map]. Last Updated September 2013.

2013. Ogren, K. L., Schuetz, S. R., Preppernau, C. A., Watson, J. E., Marston, B. E., Darbyshire, J. E., Speece, J. R., McGie, D. A., Pesek, E. M., Heitmeyer, L. D., Hood, T. G., Maslen, N. P., Giraud, M. K., Bains, C. M., Mc Farland, K. H., Mallon, A. C., Arnold, N., Jenny, B.
Atlas of the Columbia River Basin.
Oregon State University, Cartography and Geovisualization Group.

2009. “Frostburg’s Visitor’s Bureau – Trail Town Map” City of Frostburg, MD.


Arnold, N. (2015). Automation and Evaluation of Graduated Dot Maps. Oregon State University.

Jenny, B., Šavrič, B., Marston, B. E., Arnold, N. and Preppernau, C. (in press). A guide to selecting map projections for world and hemisphere maps. In: M. Lapaine and E. L. Usery (eds), Choosing a Map Projection, Lecture Notes in Geoinformation and Cartography, Berlin Heidelberg New York: Springer.

Jenny, B., Darbyshire, J. E., Arnold, N. D., Marston, B. E., McGie, D. A., Ogren, K. L., Preppernau, C. A., Schuetz, S. R., Speece, J. R., and Watson, J. E. (2015). E-book atlases for tablet computers: The Atlas of the Columbia River Basin. Journal of Maps, 11(4), p. 664–673.

Academic & Professional Societies

North American Cartographic Information Society April 2008 - present

American Association of Geographers August 2007 - present

Technical Skills

Applications ArcGIS 10.x, QGIS, Adobe Suite, Carto, MS Office, JUMP GIS,Tableau, SPSS

Programming Python, R, Java, Javascript, SQL, HTML, CSS

Libraries/Frameworks GDAL, OGR, GeoTools, jQuery, MapBox.js, Leaflet.js, Shapely, pySAL, MapBox.js, Bootstrap, Django, Mapnik

Databases PostGIS, PostgreSQL

Contracts & Consulting

GIS Coordinator Wallowa County, Oregon

Sep 2013 - Sep 2014 • Develop a postgreSQL/PostGIS database, administer GIS software and training, update and redesign the county website, coordinate contract employment, create custom GIS tools, produce custom maps, provide analytical support for regional organizations, manage department budget, develop new sources of revenue.

Cartographer Northern Alaska Environmental Center

Oct 2011 - Jan 2012 • Developed five static recreation maps of northern Alaska utilizing QGIS, Illustrator & Photoshop. Designed and developed a Leaflet web map with additional functionality with MapBox.js.

Professional Employment History

Cartographer/Data Analyst Fast Forward, Inc./Sperling's BestPlaces

July 2015 - present • I am responsible for all facets of mapping & geographic data analysis for I have developed indices that rate “places” in the United States according to topic and am responsible for the refinement of climate data across highly variable geographies. My primary responsibility is mapping, which has led me to produce over 250,000 static map images using ArcGIS and ArcPy. In addition, I produced custom interactive maps using CartoDB (now Carto) that are available on the BestPlaces website. Each interactive map is a dynamic choropleth visualization, recalculating the choropleth classes on pan/zoom and dynamically updating the legend values.

Owner/Principal Arnold Geographics

Aug 2014 - present • I provide Enterprise GIS services to local governments, including the development and administration of GIS databases, data & process automation tools, and GIS software development. I produce and maintain Python scripts to support data updates and create tools to help non-GIS users leverage their GIS data and software. In addition, I provide training opportunities and documentation to support both general use of GIS and specific projects. I have produced several web map products, including a responsive/mobile-friendly Historic Preservation mapping application, a property auction inventory map, and an internal web GIS mapping application. These products build upon an array of software including PostGIS, Leaflet, CartoDB (now Carto), Django, and others; the choice is dependent upon a balance of budget & necessary features.

GIS Faculty Southwest Oregon Community College

Nov 2015 - August 2016 • I taught the introductory GIS class and was also responsible for curriculum development to support a short-term GIS Certificate program.

GIS/Cartography Intern, Transportation Planning Oregon Metro Regional Government

July 2013 - Sep 2013 • I assisted the primary GIS professional in Transportation Planning with the Atlas of Mobility Corridors. To that end, I researched and acquired demographic and employment data, processed the data in ArcGIS desktop and used Python’s PyGal library to automate the production of population pyramids.

Airport Map Specialist Flightstats Inc.

Apr 2012 - Aug 2012 • I was responsible for the development of airport maps, which included research and subsequent design work in Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop to produce static maps. I also produced web map tiles via GIS software and MapTiler that were deployed with Google Maps API.

Map Conversion Clerk International Business Machines (IBM)

June 2010 - Jan 2011 • I cleaned, repaired, and prepared antique paper maps for scanning, digitization and storage. I digitized and stored digital copies of maps in geodatabases and evaluated and worked to improve methods of georeferencing antique paper maps.